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The Pennsylvania Brittany Club's Objective and Purpose
To promote cooperation and friendship among the breeders and owners of Brittanys and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training, showing of Brittanys in the field and in the show ring; to discourage the breed from becoming split into groups of "field dogs" and "show dogs" and to strive to keep it forever a "dual dog".

Membership is open to owners of one or more registered Brittanys and/or persons interested in the improvement of the breed who are in good standing with the AKC and American Field. All new members must be sponsored by a member in good standing and approved by the board of directors.

Annual membership dues are $80 for a family and $65 for an individual. Membership entitles you to receive AMERICAN BRITTANY, a monthly magazine published by the American Brittany Club, and to participate in all club activities. For information contact .

The Membership Application Form and our Code of Ethics can be downloaded and/or printed from this Website. Please fill out both documents and mail it to the club's secretar:
Mary Lauterbach
1594 Garvin Road
Cranberry Twp, PA  16066

- Membership Application Form (PDF, 190 KB)
- PA Brittany Club Code of Ethics (PDF, 260 KB)

June 2007-Newsletter



Trill of Spring Hill Farms, at the Fireplace

Trill of Spring Hill Farms, at the Fireplace

Trill of Spring Hill Farms, at the Fireplace

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