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The Pennsylvania Brittany Club
June, 2007

The club's annual meeting was held at the clubhouse grounds Sunday June 3 rd 2007. The turnout for the meeting was good though we would always like to see more members to give input on the business of the club.

As with every June we had elections. The 2-year seats of President and Treasurer were up as well as 3 board seats. The results are as follows… a* represents newly elected or reinstated members.

President: Al Cropek*

Vice President: Vic Mazzocchi

Treasurer: Sue Lehosky*

Secretary: Mary Lauterbach

Board Of Directors
Sue Lehosky, Cindy Cropek, Steve Lauterbaugh*, Jim Skorik, Ed Lehosky*, Joe Hobaugh*, Al Cropek

Besides the elections there are other new things going on with the club. As many of you know we are working hard to get a new tractor. Thanks to the generosity of Lloyd and Ella Conable we are a bit closer to achieving our goal.

Once again the club is looking at getting something out of the equity we have in the way of timber. So far things seem hopeful.

The requests for rentals have gone up this year. As club members you need to take note of the dates that will be provided, listing the weekends that other clubs will be using the grounds. As a courtesy to the renting clubs we ask that you refrain from planning to use the grounds on the dates as they are paying for them. It is also expected the PBC members will not lurk around like vultures eating the renting clubs food and taking advantage of the birds on the grounds. Any member found doing so will have to answer to our board of directors.

There are other dates that we would love for members to show up on the grounds. Those dates are of course our work parties. Feel free to bring things like saws, mowers, weed whackers, shovels, and rakes, ect. All tools and tool belts are welcome as well as any picnic style foods. These dates will also be listed for you to mark on your calendars.

We have 2 new members to welcome to the club:
Steve Tubach is a familiar face to field trailers and now a member of PABC.
Dan Rein also became a member.
Welcome guys its nice to know there are men who are not afraid of KP. Hope to see you all over the summer!

Upcoming events @ PA Brittany club for 2007

July 7 th -8 th Work party weekend
Mostly grounds mowing and cleaning up around clubhouse. Looking over grounds for deadfall and big holes. Checking fences ect. Making note so that these things may be carried out the next work weekend.

July 21 st -22 nd another work weekend
This is were your shovels come in handy. We will be filling holes, and cutting trees and whatever else is needed. Show up we will get you a job.

August 11 th –12 th the 11 th will be used to finish up tasked that well need finishing. The 12th will be a club picnic day. Running dogs and making merry.

August 25th & 26th Penns Woods Hunt Test

September 8th & 9th GSP of Pittsburgh Hunt Test

September 15rh & 16th Niagara Trial

September 22nd &23rd GSP walking Trial

September 28th - 30th GSP of Ohio horseback Trial

October 6th & 7th GSP of Ohio Hunt Test

October 13th &14th PA Walking Trial

October 20 th & 21st PA horseback Trial

November 3rd & 4th PA Hunt Test

November 17th & 18th Niagara Walking Trial

Any changes to the above schedule may be made as necessary as per request of the renting club and approval from the Pennsylvania Brittany Club directors. Please check back with this website often if this is a concern.

Have a happy and safe summer. Make some time to enjoy your Brittany club.



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